An interactive music Submission Project


Regional Rhythms is a music production project aiming to engage not only Springfield musicians but musicians from local communities all around the Midwest. Through the submission of a short, original sample of music inspired by any of our pre recorded play along music, musicians can contribute and add their own unique layers and watch songs come to life. Musicians then not only get to be apart of a collaborative project with musicians from many different states, they also have the ability to share the impact that their unique local music has on their life and creativity.


Submit to Our Songs
This project relies on the submissions of musicians and nonmusicians alike. The more submissions we have, the more unique these songs become. We are looking forward to engaging as many people in this project as possible.


Discovery Diversity
With the help of our Play Along music, you may find yourself tapping, humming or strumming along and we hope that it inspires you to take it from there. Multiple submissions are welcomed and encouraged. Break out that old guitar that’s been in your closet for a while and get grooving!


Collaboration and Creativity
The variety of submission that we hope to get can be the most exciting part. Even you’ve never played a chord before, music lives in everyone. You may not consider yourself a musician but fingers were made for snapping and toes were made for tapping so we can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Check out all of the Regional Rhythms contributors and learn about their experience with music! Head over to our Submit page and add your own story to be featured here!

It all Started Here

When this project was just an idea in a couple of college kids heads, we created this teaser. Check out the group behind this project.

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