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If you do not have access to recording software have no fear, most laptops have a simple voice recorder built in. Plug in some headphones, check out the play along music available below, and you take it from there! Record yourself strumming, singing or even kazooing. Rename your recording, most recorders will create a saved folder under the documents folder in your file explorer.

Using as easy as your phone microphone, or phone video recording you can record your unique addition to the piece. Although some devices will not show your recording when you go to upload it. If you are not able to find the audio file though the mobile upload, feel free to email it to us at
Fill out the submission form and leave a short story the importance of music to you and your hometown. Feel free to add a photo to be added to our Stories Page! 

*Important Notes: File must be .mp3, .wav, .mp4 The best submission may just be 10-20 seconds that can be looped by our editors.

Play Along Music

Use this music to help inspire the audio you submit.

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    Give us some information about you. What is your local music scene like? How has music impacted your life? Why did you participate in this project? Give us something to share with other contributors on this site.

    Which play along tune did you use to play along too?

    View submission rules at top of page before submitting. Please upload a .wav .MP3 .MP4 or .aiff

    please upload a .jpg .png or .pdf

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