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Local music plays an important role in any community and we want you to share yours with us. The midwest is a melting pot of cultures and the diversity of music in the region is a tell tale sign. However, this region can be overlooked by big city music scenes. Regional Rhythms encourages you to show the world the unique music of your area by submitting your talent to this collaborative effort. Meet others in your area or across regions that have the same passion for creation as you do. Give your local music a voice and learn more about other music scenes near you.

What we do

Regional Rhythms is an interactive music submission project that allows members of the community to submit original music samples to an online portal, which are then collaged into full length songs exploring the diverse music of the Midwest Region.

What's your part in the project?

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Help Regional Rhythms grow and submit your own unique contribution to our Submit page.

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Learn more about the project, meet the crew, check out our travels, and read the stories of fellow submitters on the Project Page.

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We’ll post travel, music, fundraiser, and project updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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Keep an eye out for our Indiegogo Campaign or send us an email at if you are interested in donating to this project

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Our Progress

Regional Rhythms crew has already had the chance to travel to a few places around the Midwest and have a lot of cool places still to come like St. Charles, Indianapolis, and Louisville! Keep up to date with our travel on our social media and Travel Log. As submitters grow in numbers so will our songs so be sure to contribute and spread the word! With our crew being made up of mostly seniors at Missouri State University, this project will be showcased on May 15th at the Electronic Arts Showcase- stay tuned!

Meet Our Team

Emily Hoffman

Producer | Creative Director

Kristina Forst

Producer | Web Designer

Taylor Bottini

Producer | Audio Engineer

Thank you!

The Creators of this project, Taylor, Kristina and Emily want to thank the supporters of this project, we have had help from a lot of people to make this project happen, check them out below!

Project Video


People who submitted a music sample to the project:

Joseph Hoffmann, Brock Cantrell, Chase Cantrell, Andrew Couch, Taylor Bottini, Emily Hoffmann, Kristina Forst, Joseph Heflin, Jesse Dean, Pat Nichols, Charlie Ballantine, Jesse Whitman, Camila Mennitte, Zach Finnegan, Amanda Gardier, Erik Austin, Bren O’Conner, Sarah Hoffmann, Joe Hoffmann, Sam John Smith II, Michaela Barnes, Dennis Rubin, Larry Baker.

Submissions were collected from the website and in person. No submitter had any reference to other submissions, just the play along music provided by Regional Rhythms. Below are the songs that where created from this project.

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